Monday, December 22, 2008

Short but powerful:

When Reb Hillel Paritcher taught the first chapter of Tanya concerning tzaddikim, beinonim, and resha’im, Reb Hillel explained what is a Rebbe, saying that a beinoni is finite, a tzaddik is infinite, and a Rebbe is the infinite within the finite.

Nitzutzei Ohr p. 47.


  1. Anonymous said...
    If a tzaddik is infinite, is a rasha also infinite? I was told that a tzaddik and rasha are the same, only on opposing poles.
    Yehoishophot Oliver said...
    I'd have to see the source that you were told inside in order to comment. However, it is explained in Tanya ch. 24 that a sin (which makes one a rasha--see Tanya ch. l) causes one to be totally separated from Hashem at the time.
    Yaakov Nathan said...
    There is nothing more finite than sin. Only kedusha, Torah and mitzvos, has kiyum nitzchi (eternal existence), and "amech kulam tzaddikim"--in truth all of Israel are tzaddikim (eternal) and their status as a rasha or beinoni is only temporary (finite).

    (What chassidsavoda is likely referring to is the underlying kochos.)

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